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I don't know about you, but I feel excited!!! For better, or worse the world is changing dramatically, and we’re in a time where we can approach global problems like never before. So what does this have to do with MIXVID you ask?  It all has to do with you…. Us…


We are tastemakers.  The cutting edge.  Today’s storytellers, and content creators. MIXVID has created a cool “space”... where people can hang out watch movies, listen to music, play games, listen to audio books, learn, enjoy some snacks, and have a great time ALL FOR FREE! Free…    Free you say!?  Yeah free!!! … But for us it’s not just about anything and everything. It’s about what’s Hot!  If it’s playing on MIXVID it’s the newest, the hottest, the freshest and that’s what we’re about. We painstakingly procure our offerings narrowing it down, filtering out the junk 24/7… Raw, hilarious thought provoking, mind blowing entertainment. MIXVID is THAT SPOT!

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Are you a Musician, Fashion Designer, Coder, Film maker/Director etc. with a completed work? Looking to become an affiliate / advertising, online distribution, or just want to share on MIXVID? attracts more than 150,000 unique visitors and has almost 500,000 page views per month. Wouldn't you agree that targeted traffic could help your movement?

For consideration email us links to your work, and or a synopsis.

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Online Ambassador
Some people say that finding a mentor is the BEST way to prepare for success.
Are you a film student, coder, graphic artist, photographer etc?. Are you interested in change? ...In being a part of something new, something different??  ..Something that will shake and change the entertainment industry forever?
Add your voice to the movement right now!!!
This is different. This is a game changer... Make history with us.

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Donations of $25 or more receive a free T-shirt!
Your donations support up and coming film producers, site maintenance, outsourced services, etc.
"MVP" Mixvid Productions (film, music, and entertainment productions) is expanding. We receive loads of great material to air, and excellent scripts to produce. We hope to make this year a breakout year for NEW ORIGINAL CONTENT.

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